AllansMusic Long Tail Targeting

As the SEO agency for AllansMusic, we were tasked to look for SEO opportunities and to provide some solutions to successfully target that space. We sold in to the management team at AllansMusic (now AllansBillyHyde) to commit on creating strong landing page environments to target brands and specific product categories as well as good attention to on-page optimisation.

They understood the effort this would take, but recognising instinctively the benefits that good SEO could bring, they committed resource to content creation and a general restructure to the website. We took components of ENIQ (our proprietary CMS) and implemented it within the AllansMusic website along with a significant overhaul to how the CMS was rendering its pages. Once completed, we implemented deep SEO link building to improve visibility. With a little PR sculpting to make use of the PR6 (Google Page Rank) domain and constant link building, we expected to see significant results.

The net result was in under 6 months. The website experienced double the SEO traffic and over 3 times in organic unbranded traffic.

The best part about long-tail traffic is that it converts better for product based searches as visitors are more likely to have a purchase tendency. While a single long-tailed keyword might not be worth much, the sum of the long-tails can heavily outweigh the traffic from its short-tailed cousins.