KitKat – Take Time Back Promotion

This was a promotional earn-and-burn campaign built on the ENIQ CMS system. The concept was quite elegant—thousands of KitKat wrappers were produced with unique codes printed on the inside of each wrapper. Each code would represent a “point” which could be earnt and then spent by claiming rewards.

You could register on the website to start collecting “points”, by simply clicking on “register with facebook” button, which made registering and claiming incredibly easy. With Facebook single sign-on enabled, you were logged in to the website so long as you were logged in to Facebook. Furthermore, each time a code or a prize was claimed, we were able to post the update onto Facebook which dramatically increased awareness over the promotion.

Each time a code was “banked”, the clock face would animate an increase, unlocking rewards that you could claim.

The final product included IE 6 and multiple versions of Safari compliance as well as accessibility and w3c compliance. We were also required to pass a strict security standard including HP web inspect tests.

This was a very successful project that was delivered on time (which also made historical ground as the first application to pass all the security standards the first time round).